Boost your marketing campaigns with data

Easily collect first-party event data across apps, websites and SaaS tools then send it to ad platforms server-side, through conversion API.

Increase your match rates to ad platforms with first-party data

Break free from costly data integrations processes, our server-side capabilities let's you increase your ROAS across ad platforms at scale.

Track every touch point

Easily track the complete user journey across your mobile app, website and SaaS tools with our SDKs and webhook integrations. If you are already using Google Tag Manager you can get up and running in minutes.

Connect your ad networks in minutes

No more setup headaches, your marketing team can send first-party event data to ad platforms in few clicks without needing a technical team.

Sync your data in real-time

Journify syncs your first-party event data to ad platforms in real time leveraging conversion APIs while reducing your dependency on third party cookies.
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Features loved by marketing teams

First Party Data

Increase your ad performance with the power of first party data.

Security & Privacy

Journify upholds a no data storage policy by default and hashes first-party data before sharing it with ad networks.

Optimized spend

Maximize ROAS by reaching the right customers with each and every campaign.

Optimized Performance

Journify can help you reduce costs and provide better customer experiences, allowing you to operate with maximum efficiency to achieve the best results. 

Data Governance

Journify documents all the data that flows between your sources and destinations. Empower your marketing team with trustworthy data.

No code

Connect your ad networks and send your conversion events in few clicks, no engineering help needed.

Get started in minutes

Start activating your customer data with Journify.