Build complete customer profiles & activate them from your warehouse

Journify securely loads and unifies customer profiles within your data warehouse and sync them to your go-to-market tools. No code. No CSVs. It’s that easy.
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Secure and sync your customer data in minutes

No more complex and expensive CDPs. Journify is the easiest way to collect, clean, and activate your customer data at scale.

Connect your data warehouse

Collect and load your customer data directly into your Snowflake or BigQuery data warehouse - fast implementation, optimized performance, no code.

No code audience builder

With Journify’s composable CDP audience builder, you can understand a user’s interaction across web, mobile, server, and third party partner touch-points in real-time.

Sync data in real-time

Journify syncs your customer data to the tools you need in real time. Your team will always have access to clean, high quality data.
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Features loved by marketing teams

Identity Resolution

By reconciling anonymous visitor data with known visitor data, you can gain deeper insights into customer behavior, all in one place.

Data Enrichment

Enhance your customer data and make better decisions with an accurate understanding of your customers and their areas of interest.

Optimized Performance

Journify can help you reduce costs and provide better customer experiences, allowing you to operate with maximum efficiency to achieve the best results. 

Dynamic Audiences

Create highly targeted audiences using first-party data. Define and manage segments from a single source of truth that syncs to all your favorite tools.

Data Dictionary

Journify documents all the data that flows between your sources and destinations. Empower your marketing team with trustworthy data.

Security & Privacy

Journify is dedicated to providing end-to-end security and observability. We adhere to strict industry standards to ensure your data is safe.

Get started in minutes

Start activating your customer data with Journify.